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Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk

Very interesting story. Dark. Tragic. Necessary.

Funny but the only thing I kept thinking about while reading it was Al Qaeda, The Branch Dividians, Jimmy Jones... One person who distorts basics ideas and truths that everyone is searching for. He gives average and plain people the ability to feel as though they are a part of the world. The Space Monkeys are really the true reflection of today's human race. They wander around looking for something to give their lives some sort of meaning. They join the Fight Club to feel pain which reminds them that they are alive. They join Project Mayhem to feel as though they are a powerful part of the universe; they are responsible for creating history...something every one desires in one way or another. It shows the darker aspect of life; the dregs...as Tyler says, rock bottom. This is what life is like when there is no meaning and no true appreciation.

I am rather fond of the scene where Tyler threatens the cashier into going back to school. It's frightening that that horrifying bit of action really resonates with me. I think the food really would taste better after a night like that. I'd truly appreciate my life and wake the hel up. Maybe we all need the proverbial gun to our heads once in a while to get us back on track.

So what's the point? Is it our materialism? Is it our coma like lives? Is it our need to feel special; like the first born? I have no idea. I can't even verbalize what I do think. It's more of a feeling rather than something that can be put into words. I think perhaps the book is meant to be interpreted a different way for everyone. Just like Tyler, most of us are asleep a good deal of the time even when we are awake. We do what we need to do when we dream. Each of us has our own Tyler within us. I think it's important that we let him out in controlled way lest he bursts forth violently and is uncontrollable.